Hello, I'm Nikko

Technology Reiki Master & Web Design Magician

“I love helping entrepreneurs build and maintain their web empire.”

I’ve been creating, connecting and communicating with web technologies for over 25 years. There is not a web technology that I can’t understand and know how best to use to meet your business goals. Technology is not just about computers and coding, it’s about connections. Everything we create together will better connect you with your audience and the people you love. My gift is to help you find your energetic spark, the unique energy that only you bring online. We will build your web empire—your logo, your brand, your own beautiful corner of the internet—and keep it running smoothly. I tend the technological aspects of your business so that you can spend your time allowing your magic to flow!

I do this work because I believe it’s one of my life’s purposes to assist others in sharing their gifts with the world. Over the years I’ve learned that, when your energy is clear and your vibe is high, the technology that runs your web empire will perform seamlessly, and the passion and purpose of your business will shine through. Together, you and I will work to clarify your vision, and keep the energy clear so that you can attract clients you love.

Nikko Bivens
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